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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Obesity
Rates of walking and cycling were analyzed in 14 countries. Rates were highest in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain, and lowest in the US, Australia, and Canada. Not surprisingly, the rates of diabetes and obesity were lowest in the countries where people did the most walking and cycling. (source: Am J Pub Health, Oct. 2010)

Product Details: Mio FUSE Heart Rate Monitor

Product Name: Mio FUSE Heart Rate Monitor
Category: Heart Rate Monitors
Manufacturer: Mio
List Price: $149.00

Altimeter: no
Backlight: no
Battery: 6-7 days if 1-hr workout time per day
Calories Burned: YES
Chest Strap: no
Colors Available: aqua (regular wrist sizes); crimson (large wrist sizes)
Connectivity / Ports: Bluetooth Smart 4.0; ANT+
Date / Time: no
Display: LED matrix
Activity Log: YES (stores 30 hrs of workout data)
GPS: no
Heart Rate: average: (check this)
Heart Rate: limits: (check this)
Heart Rate: max: (check this)
Heart Rate: real-time: YES
Heart Rate: resting: YES
HR: Out-Of-Zone Alarm: YES (alert via LED and via vibration)
HR: Time in Zone: (check this)
Lap Counter: no
Special Features: no chest strap required!
Stop Watch: no
Stride-Length Adjustment : no
Sweat Resistant: (check this)
Time of Session: (check this)
Timers: (check this)
Tracks Distance: YES (all day)
Tracks Steps: YES (all day)
Water Resistant: YES, down to 30 meters
Worn On: wrist (no chest strap required)

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