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Obesity in the US: 2008
In 2008, the US had the highest average BMI among high-income countries: 28.3 kg/m2. (source: The Lancet, Feb. 3, 2011)

Product Details: Mio FUSE Heart Rate Monitor

Product Name: Mio FUSE Heart Rate Monitor
Category: Heart Rate Monitors
Manufacturer: Mio
List Price: $149.00

Altimeter: no
Backlight: no
Battery: 6-7 days if 1-hr workout time per day
Calories Burned: YES
Chest Strap: no
Colors Available: aqua (regular wrist sizes); crimson (large wrist sizes)
Connectivity / Ports: Bluetooth Smart 4.0; ANT+
Date / Time: no
Display: LED matrix
Activity Log: YES (stores 30 hrs of workout data)
GPS: no
Heart Rate: average: (check this)
Heart Rate: limits: (check this)
Heart Rate: max: (check this)
Heart Rate: real-time: YES
Heart Rate: resting: YES
HR: Out-Of-Zone Alarm: YES (alert via LED and via vibration)
HR: Time in Zone: (check this)
Lap Counter: no
Special Features: no chest strap required!
Stop Watch: no
Stride-Length Adjustment : no
Sweat Resistant: (check this)
Time of Session: (check this)
Timers: (check this)
Tracks Distance: YES (all day)
Tracks Steps: YES (all day)
Water Resistant: YES, down to 30 meters
Worn On: wrist (no chest strap required)

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