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Weight-Lifting and the Cardiovascular System
Weight-lifting builds strong bones and muscles, but isn't so good for the CV system. Cholesterol isn't lowered, and, after many years, the arterial wall stiffens (decreased compliance). Weight-lifters should incorporate some type of aerobic exercise into their routine.

Product Details: Brilliant Reflective Strips

Product Name: Brilliant Reflective Strips
Category: Safety Gear
Manufacturer: Safe Reflections
List Price: $12.99

Alerts: n/a
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: 4-stars!
Battery Details: no
Battery Life: n/a
Colors Available: black, red, blue, purple
Description: These are extremely bright 3M Scotchlite reflective strips you can apply to your clothing, shoes, rollerblades, jacket, helmet, bicycle, or motorcycle.
Dimensions: Each package contains 8 strips: four 1-inch x 4-inch strips, two 3/4-inch x 4-inch strips, two 1/2-inch x 8-inch strips
How It Works: They are available as stick-on (removable) or as iron-on (permanent).
Ideal For: Anyone who walks, jogs, bikes, or rollerblades after dark.
Why It's Cool: First off, they're REALLY bright. But, they're cool because you can customize any pattern you want!
Worn On: Clothing, shoes, rollerblades, jacket, helmet, bicycle, or motorcycle.

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