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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise Recommendations For: Healthy Adults
In 2007, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association issued new exercise recommendations: all adults should engage in moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for 30 minutes per day on most, if not all, days of the week.

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Mobile App

Our innovative and award-winning app "Exercise Calorie Converter" converts the calories in restaurant foods and beverages into minutes of exercise.

Version 3.0 -- released in Spring 2017 -- offers more restaurants, over 6000 foods and beverages, a Quick-Check tool for foods not in the database, and some cool sharing functions. (NOTE: Version 3.3 was released February 2018.)


Today's Featured Topics

Running Shoes
Running shoes have come a long way since Nike marketed the Cortez in 1972. Running shoes are now sophisticated orthopedic devices. It doesn't matter if you don't run competitively, you should have a good pair. Even walkers can benefit from wearing properly-fitted running shoes. To learn more about them read our review at: "Running Shoes"

Neighborhood Exercise
To be honest, you really don't need to join a gym to exercise. There are lots of options for exercising right in your own neighborhood: walking, running, biking, and rollerblading are just several activities. For more ideas, read our review: "Neighborhood Exercise"

Interval Training
Interval training is how serious athletes improve their aerobic conditioning. But, new research is showing how short bursts of higher-intensity aerobic exercise can be an effective strategy for improving your fitness without logging hours and hours of training. It also minimizes wear and tear on your body. Read more about it in: "Interval Training"

Exercise Books and Videos

TITLE:  "New Functional Training for Sports"
AUTHOR:  Boyle M
LENGTH:  243 pages
LIST PRICE:  $24.95

This is the 2nd edition of Mike Boyle's "Functional Training for Sports" (originally released in 2004). In the 2nd edition, Boyle updates his innovative and, in some cases, counter-intuitive, training principles. Do they work? The proof is in the results he has achieved with elite athletes! Read our review...

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