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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Fat vs. Fit?
The Cooper Institute published a study in 2004 showing that the health risks associated with an elevated BMI are reduced in diabetics if their fitness level is high (Diabetes Care, 2004). So, get out there and walk, run, bike, swim, play tennis or do anything that gets your heart rate up!

Product Details: CorePump

Product Name: CorePump
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: COREPUMP
List Price: $1499.00

Description: This is a single-station resistance device that allows you to train multiple muscle groups.
How It Works: The handlebars are attached to a central stem that moves up and down inside a sleeve. Isokinetic resistance is provided on both the up and the down strokes. Six levels of resistance can be set using the dial on the front.
Ideal For: Anyone looking for a versatile resistance-training station for their home.
Why It's Cool: You can train a variety of muscle groups with one apparatus. Further, the machine provides resistance for opposing muscle groups during one repetition. Saves time! Very cool!

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