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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise and Obesity
Rates of walking and cycling were analyzed in 14 countries. Rates were highest in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain, and lowest in the US, Australia, and Canada. Not surprisingly, the rates of diabetes and obesity were lowest in the countries where people did the most walking and cycling. (source: Am J Public Health, Oct. 2010)

Product Details: WorkFit-TL Standing Workstation

Product Name: WorkFit-TL Standing Workstation
Category: Office Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: Ergotron
List Price: $399.00

Capacity: Supports up to 40 lbs.
Colors Available: black or white
Description: This is a sit-to-stand riser. Place it on your desktop to go from sitting to standing in seconds. It allows for 15 inches of height adjustment.
Dimensions: Worksurface: 37.5 inches wide. Keyboard shelf: 27.5 inches x 11 inches. Keyboard shelf is 4.5 inches below the top work surface.
Footprint: 37.5 inches x 23 inches. Fits on desk surfaces of 24 inches or deeper.
How It Works: Grasp the handles under the top shelf to raise or lower the unit.
Ideal For: Anyone who does a lot of sitting at a desk.
Special Features: Raises straight up and down. Shipped fully-assembled.
Warranty: 5 years
Weight: 56 lbs (shipping weight 62 lbs)
Why It's Cool: Simple. Effective.

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