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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Rehab Exercises for the Back
When doing resistance exercises to rehab the back, the goal is to develop muscular endurance. So, lower the resistance and increase the number of reps to as many as 15-30 per set.

Product Details: Cooling Vest

Product Name: Cooling Vest
Category: Exercise Apparel
Manufacturer: E-Cooline
List Price: $350.00

Description: A cooling vest that keeps your core temperature down when you're at risk of overheating. The material's fibers are coated with silver ions which provides an antibacterial property. Vest is held snug with velcro. Made in Germany.
How It Works: The polyester fleece enhances sweat evaporation (wicking). As ambient temperature increases, so does the wicking/evaporative action of the fabric. This action lasts up to 20 hrs.
Ideal For: Any athlete training or competing in the heat, but, especially football players. Also, weekend warriors, firemen, motorcyclists, highway workers, etc.
Why It's Cool: Soak it in water for 6 seconds; it'll keep you cool for hours!

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