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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Bent-over Rows
When doing bent-over rows, use a single dumbbell instead of a barbell. So, if you are holding the dumbbell in your right hand, place your left hand and left knee on a bench. (Your right foot is on the ground.) That way, your spine is supported like a table with 3 legs. This will help prevent lower back strain.

Product Details: Microsoft BAND

Product Name: Microsoft BAND
Category: Activity Trackers
Manufacturer: Microsoft
List Price: $199.99

Activity Log: YES
Alerts: "reward" alerts when you reach calorie/distance/step targets; receive reminders based on your personal calendar; can create audio reminders with Cortana; notifies you of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and voicemail; receives text messages
Altimeter: no
AthleteInMe.comĀ® Rating: (NOTE: This is the original Microsoft BAND. As of 2017, it may no longer be available.)
Battery Details: rechargeable lithium, lasts 48 hrs with normal use
Battery Life:
Calories Burned: YES
Chest Strap: no
Colors Available: black band; can customize the background and display colors
Connectivity / Ports: Bluetooth Smart 4.0; syncs with MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, and RunKeeper
Date / Time: YES / YES
Display Type: capacitive TFT full color display
Display Backlight: no
Exercise Physiology: no
Heart Rate: Average: (details needed)
Heart Rate: Limits: (details needed)
Heart Rate: Max Achieved: YES
Heart Rate: Resting: YES
Heart Rate: Time in Zone: (details needed)
Special Features: can customize background design and colors; can obtain stock prices and weather reports; can get UV reading
Stop Watch: YES
Sweat Resistant: (details needed)
Time of Session: YES
Timers: YES
Tracks Activity Amount: YES
Tracks Activity Types: no
Tracks Distance: YES
Tracks Sleep: YES
Tracks Steps: YES
VO2 max: no
Water Resistance: (details needed)
Worn On: wrist (3 sizes available)

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