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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Walking and Dementia
A 9-yr study of elderly adults (mean age 78 yrs) showed that those who walked the most (on a regular basis) had a reduced risk of cognitive impairment. (source: Neurology, Oct. 19, 2010.)

Product Details: Mighty Body Band

Product Name: Mighty Body Band
Category: Other Cool Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: Yoga Bent, LLC
List Price: $159-299

Description: It is a device that incorporates bungee cords and static ropes that can be attached to a door, a tree, or almost any stationary object.
How It Works: The user attaches the bands and ropes to a stationary object. Then, he/she can perform stretches, yoga poses, etc., working against gravity at unusual angles.
Ideal For: Anyone at any fitness level, though it is especially helpful for people with low back pain, tight IT bands, sciatica, or piriformis syndrome.
Why it's cool: It allows you to perform stretches and yoga poses at unique angles relative to the ground.

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