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Exercise Intensity vs. Duration
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Get Strong 101 (DVD)

Author: Howard J
Category: Exercise DVD
Audience: Consumer
Length: 90 minutes
Publisher: Engage Communications
  Year Published: 2006
List Price: $21.95® Rating: Excellent!

Get Strong 101 is an exercise DVD that demonstrates a wide variety of simple routines that build strength and agility.

• Ideal For:  Intended for adolescents and up.  Because there are so many different exercises demonstrated, coaches and trainers might find this DVD useful as a reference resource.


This DVD provides 101 different strength and agility routines, involving the entire body.  None of the strength routines require weights although several exercises are demonstrated using resistance bands.  Each routine is demonstrated in a short (eg., 30-60 seconds) and succinct manner by Judy Howard, a physical education teacher, and several kids and adolescents.  Judy holds a bachelors and a masters degree in education.

In addition to the 101 routines, the DVD also provides 6 "Sample Workouts" that integrate many of the specific routines.  This is a nice feature, as the user is given the option of different durations (5-min, 10-min, or 15-min) and whether the exercise space is large or confined.  In addition, these routines can be printed out in PDF format, if the DVD is inserted into a computer.

These DVDs are the only kids fitness DVDs approved by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  Currently, Judy's exercise DVDs have sold more than 30,000 copies and are used by more than 5000 schools in North America.

• What I Liked:  the vast variety of exercise routines; the fact that the Sample Workouts can be printed out; the DVD menu is well-designed and easy to navigate.

• What Could Be Better:  In none of the routines is it stated how many reps to, or, how often to perform them.  Because of this, I became uncertain who the intended audience was:  the consumer or the coach.


I really liked this DVD.  It is simple and effective.  It provides a lot of ideas for exercise routines.  The DVD's menu is really easy to navigate, and, the option to print the routines is a nice touch.  I can definitely recommend this one!

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Reviewed by: Stan Reents, PharmD 8/28/2015 7:29:07 AM

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