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6 Fit Kids' Workouts (DVD)

Author: Howard J
Category: Exercise DVD
Audience: Consumer
Length: 45 minutes
Publisher: Engage Communications
  Year Published: 2006
List Price: $21.95® Rating: Excellent!

6 Fit Kids' Workouts is an exercise DVD for kids ages 8-12 years, at any fitness level.

• Ideal For:  kids ages 8-12 yrs, any fitness level.


This exercise DVD provides 6 choreographed aerobics/dance routines:  four are 5-min in length, and two are 10-min in length.  These routines are combinations of specific exercises found on other DVDs by Judy Howard, a physical education teacher.  In addition, there are also 6 "Health Tips" (each only several seconds in length) where Judy Howard instructs kids on topics like rehydrating, stretching, and eating healthy after a workout.

Judy Howard holds bachelors and masters degrees in education.  In addition, these DVDs are the only kids fitness DVDs approved by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  Currently, Judy's exercise DVDs have sold more than 30,000 copies and are used by more than 5000 schools in North America.

• What I Liked:  She makes exercise look fun.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.

• What Could Be Better: The Health Tips are helpful, but is it realistic to think that young kids will monitor their heart rate during exercise?


This is a very useful exercise DVD.  I recommend it for kids and young adolescents.

Other exercise DVDs for kids by Judy Howard:

Reviewed by: Stan Reents, PharmD 8/28/2015 7:26:24 AM

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