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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Determining Your Foot Anatomy
An easy way to determine whether you are a pronator or a supinator or somewhere in between is to simply moisten the bottom of your bare foot and then stand on a flattened brown paper bag. The resulting silhouette will tell you the answer.

  Exercise and Sports Nutrition Books


Listed below are our reviews of books on exercise, fitness, training, and sports nutrition. Click on a title to read our review. (You can reorder the table by clicking on the column heading.) If you decide to purchase it, click on the Amazon link provided. This will help support our efforts. Thanks!


Worth A Look

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Media Author Title Category Audience
Book Bushman B, ed. Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 1st ed. Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Bushman B, ed. Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 2nd ed. Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Pruitt A, Matheny F Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists Sports Medicine Consumer
Book Brittenham G, Taylor D Conditioning To The Core Strength Training Consumer
Book Bompa T, Carrera M Conditioning Young Athletes Training Consumer
Book Verstegen M, Williams P Core Performance Endurance Training Elite Athlete
DVD Kihiu K Dance-X for Kids (DVD) Exercise DVD Consumer
Book Willardson JM, ed. Developing The Core Strength Training Elite Athlete
Book Colberg S Diabetic Athlete's Handbook Training Elite Athlete
Book Karinch M Diets Designed for Athletes Sports Nutrition Elite Athlete
Book May M Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat Diet/Nutrition Consumer
Book Tribole E Eating on the Run Diet/Nutrition Consumer
DVD Kihiu K Everybody's Workout (DVD) Exercise DVD Consumer
Book Williamson N Everyone's Guide to Distance Running Sports Performance Elite Athlete
Book Swain D, Leutholtz B Exercise Prescription Sports Medicine Academic
Book Daniels D Exercises for Osteoporosis Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Muth ND Family Fit Plan Healthy Lifestyle Consumer
Book Whyte G Fit In 5 Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Sharkey BJ, Gaskill SE Fitness & Health Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Naternicola N Fitness - Steps to Success Fitness Training Consumer
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