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Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 2nd ed.

Author: Bushman B, ed.
Category: Health/Fitness
Audience: Consumer
Length: 436 pages
Publisher: Human Kinetics
  Year Published: 2017
List Price: $24.95

AthleteInMe.com® Rating: Good

American College of Sports Medicine's Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 2nd ed. is a comprehensive resource on exercise and nutrition for consumers.

Recommended for: All adults, at any fitness level.


This is a multi-authored book: no fewer than 23 academics contributed to this book. The editor is Barbara Bushman, PhD. She is an exercise specialist and professor at Missouri State University. She received her PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Toledo. Dr. Bushman has many editorial accomplishments and is a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine.


  • the length has increased from 396 pages to 436 pages
  • chapters on Cancer, Depression, and Alzheimer's Disease have been added
  • chapters on High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol have been folded into the Cardiovascular Health chapter
  • the price has increased from $21.95 to $24.95


The 436-page book is organized as follows:

PART I: Fit, Active, and Healthy

  • Chapter 1: Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Chapter 2: Embracing Physical Activity: A Complete Exercise Program
  • Chapter 3: Balancing Nutrition: Recommended Dietary Guidelines
  • Chapter 4: Promoting Healthy Habits: Getting Started and Staying Motivated

PART II: Exercise and Activity for Building a Better You

  • Chapter 5: Improving Your Aerobic Fitness
  • Chapter 6: Enhancing Your Muscular Fitness
  • Chapter 7: Increasing Your Flexibility
  • Chapter 8: Sharpening Your Functional Fitness

PART III: Fitness and Health for Every Age

  • Chapter 9: Children and Adolescents: Birth to Age 17
  • Chapter 10: Adults: Ages 18 to 64
  • Chapter 11: Older Adults: Ages 65 and Older

PART IV: Fitness and Health for Every Body

  • Chapter 12: Cardiovascular Health
  • Chapter 13: Diabetes
  • Chapter 14: Cancer
  • Chapter 15: Alzheimer's Disease
  • Chapter 16: Osteoporosis and Bone Health
  • Chapter 17: Arthritis and Joint Health
  • Chapter 18: Weight Management
  • Chapter 19: Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Chapter 20: Depression


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