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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercises for Osteoporosis
It turns out that exercises such as cycling, swimming, and walking aren't that beneficial for osteoporosis. The best exercises create some type of "impact" or flexing of the skeleton. So, opt for sports that involve jumping (basketball, volleyball), or sports that require change-in-direction running (field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis). For people who can't do strenuous exercise, simple jumping jacks are beneficial.

Be Iron Fit

Author: Fink D
Category: Sports Performance
Audience: Elite Athlete
Length: 280 pages
Publisher: Lyons Press
  Year Published: 2004
List Price: $13.95

AthleteInMe.com® Rating: Excellent!

Be Iron Fit offers training information for serious triathletes.

Recommended for: serious athletes and aspiring Ironman competitors.


  • Chapter 1: The IronFit Dream
  • Chapter 2: Effective Time Management
  • Chapter 3: The Essential Workouts
  • Chapter 4: The Training Cycle
  • Chapter 5: The Principle of Gradual Adaptation
  • Chapter 6: Effective Heart Rate Training
  • Chapter 7: 30-Week IronFit Training Programs
  • Chapter 8: Flexibility and Strength Training
  • Chapter 9: Preparing With Training Races
  • Chapter 10: Technique
  • Chapter 11: Mastering Transitions
  • Chapter 12: Equipment Tips
  • Chapter 13: Race and Pre-Race Strategies
  • Chapter 14: Mental Training
  • Chapter 15: Effective Goal Setting and Race Selection
  • Chapter 16: Maintaining Good Health
  • Chapter 17: Recovery, Maintenance Training, and Beyond

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