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Physical Activity and Dementia
A 5-yr study of elderly subjects (mean age 75 yrs) showed that those who were most active during the day (doing chores, etc.) had the lowest rate of cognitive impairment (Arch Intern Med, 2011).

EAS AdvantEdge - peanut butter crunch

Manufacturer EAS (Experimental and Applied Sciences)
Category Nutrition Bar
When to Use Between-meal snack, or immediately after strenuous exercise.
Serving Size 1 bar
Total Calories 248
Energy Profile
50.0% / 29.0% / 21.0%
Glycemic Index
CARBS (total): 31.0 g
Fats & Oils
cholesterol: 0 mg
FAT, saturated: 2.50 g
FAT, total: 8.0 g
FIBER, total: 3.0 g
calcium: 35 %DV
copper: 20 %DV
iodine: 8 %DV
iron: 20 %DV
manganese: 20 %DV
phosphorus: 30 %DV
zinc: 10 %DV
PROTEIN (total): 13.0 g
Salts & Electrolytes
magnesium: 15 %DV
potassium: 160 mg
sodium: 220 mg
folate: 25 %DV
niacin: 20 %DV
pantothenic acid: 10 %DV
riboflavin: 10 %DV
thiamin: 15 %DV
vitamin A: 50 %DV
vitamin B-12: 50 %DV
vitamin B-6: 50 %DV
vitamin C: 50 %DV
vitamin E: 60 %DV
Other Ingredients N/A
Other Information Contains palm and palm kernel oils. Contains high-fructose corn syrup. Avoid if allergic to peanuts. (%DV based on a 2000-calorie diet.)

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