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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Exercise Intensity and Health Benefits
For health benefits, "moderate-intensity" exercise is recommended. An example of moderate-intensity exercise is brisk walking.

  Sports Nutrition

There are literally hundreds of different brands of nutrition bars on the market today. And there are dozens of brands of sports drinks.

In this section, you can find detailed nutritional information on these products.  You can look up the ingredients in a single product, or, you can compare up to 3 products side-by-side.


Compare Products
Product 1: Product 2: Product 3:

Name Type
PowerBar Power Gel - tangerine Energy Gels
PowerBar Power Gel - strawberry banana Energy Gels
PowerBar Power Gel - raspberry cream Energy Gels
PowerBar Power Gel - lemon lime Energy Gels
PowerBar Power Gel - green apple Energy Gels
PowerBar Power Gel - chocolate Energy Gels
PowerBar Harvest - toffee chocolate chip Energy Bars
PowerBar Harvest - iced oatmeal raisin Energy Bars
PowerBar Harvest - cinnamon roll Energy Bars
PowerBar Harvest - banana nut Energy Bars
PowerBar - wild berry Energy Bars
PowerBar - vanilla crisp Energy Bars
PowerBar - peanut butter Energy Bars
PowerBar - malt nut Energy Bars
PowerBar - cookies & cream Energy Bars
PowerBar - chocolate peanut butter Energy Bars
PowerBar - chocolate Energy Bars
PowerBar - cappuccino Energy Bars
PowerBar - banana Energy Bars
MET-Rx Protein Plus - chocolate chocolate chip High-Protein Bar
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