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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Obesity in the US: 2013-2014
In 2013-2014, 35% of men and 40% of women in the US were classified as obese (source: JAMA June 7, 2016)

  Exercise and Sports Nutrition Books


Listed below are our reviews of books on exercise, fitness, training, and sports nutrition.  Click on a title to read our review.  If you decide to purchase it, click on the Amazon link provided. This will help support our efforts. Thanks! 


Worth A Look

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Media Author Title Category Audience
Book Bushman B, ed. Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 1st ed. Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Bushman B, ed. Complete Guide to Fitness & Health, 2nd ed. Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Pruitt A, Matheny F Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists Sports Medicine Consumer
Book Brittenham G, Taylor D Conditioning To The Core Strength Training Consumer
Book Bompa T, Carrera M Conditioning Young Athletes Training Consumer
Book Verstegen M, Williams P Core Performance Endurance Training Elite Athlete
DVD Kihiu K Dance-X for Kids (DVD) Exercise DVD Consumer
Book Willardson JM, ed. Developing The Core Strength Training Elite Athlete
Book Colberg S Diabetic Athlete's Handbook Training Elite Athlete
Book Karinch M Diets Designed for Athletes Sports Nutrition Elite Athlete
Book May M Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat Diet/Nutrition Consumer
Book Tribole E Eating on the Run Diet/Nutrition Consumer
DVD Kihiu K Everybody's Workout (DVD) Exercise DVD Consumer
Book Williamson N Everyone's Guide to Distance Running Sports Performance Elite Athlete
Book Swain D, Leutholtz B Exercise Prescription Sports Medicine Academic
Book Daniels D Exercises for Osteoporosis Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Whyte G Fit In 5 Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Sharkey BJ, Gaskill SE Fitness & Health Health/Fitness Consumer
Book Naternicola N Fitness - Steps to Success Fitness Training Consumer
Book Schlosberg S Fitness For Travelers: The Ultimate Workout Guide Health/Fitness Consumer
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